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Article #1

Title:  Secrets of the Female Orgasm Exposed!

Men can make great headway with women if they learn to take time off and explore her body, pay more attention to her needs and allow her to reach her climax before he does. The female, unlike man, is able to enjoy multiple orgasms during sex. Multiple orgasms are intermittent but continuous spasms that rock a woman when she is sexually aroused. A woman can even have split second orgasms more than once during sexual intercourse.

Men are not able to achieve more than one orgasm at a time. For some, it may take a few minutes to be aroused and then start working towards another climax. As one gets older, it may take more than a day to get another orgasm. Therefore, when performing sexual activity, it is important for the man to ensure that his partner reaches her peaks before he does. This could result in a lasting relationship.

The female orgasm can be clitoral or vaginal. Under the clitoral hood outside the vaginal canal is the clitoris where many nerve endings meets. This is a erogenous zone for women and when a man strokes and fondles a woman, he is bound to hit the right spot. By seducing, teasing and fondling, it is possible to arouse the sexual desire in a woman. Once she is sufficiently aroused, she will guide you to the right spot and you can make her feel heightened sensations as she climaxes.

The vaginal orgasm takes place when a little nub, which is located 1.5" to 3" inside her vaginal canal, is stimulated. One has to insert two fingers inside the vagina, and move their fingers from side to side to stoke and kindle the dormant fires inside. With the index finger bent and facing upwards, if one plays along the wall, the nub, which is a little spongy to the feel, can be felt, as it swells up when aroused. This form of orgasm is very exhilarating for the female.

When women masturbate, they explore and feel the areas that pleasure them the most.
They can use their fingers or some sex toys to reach certain areas. When they are turned on, they are able to guide their men to the exact pleasure spot that helps them quickly reach ecstasy.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips you can start using TONITE!

Article #2

Title:  3 Sex Games to Play and Have Your Woman Squealing For More

To have great sex, it is not necessary to have a huge penis though it would certainly help. Women like to feel "full" and are satisfied when they experience more semen in their vagina. However, there is no need for concern if you are not as well endowed, as you would like to be. There are exercises that can help you try to get your penis looking and feeling firmer but you need to learn all the tricks of the trade and master different sex games that can have your woman screaming for more and not leaving your side.

I have narrowed down 3 sex games to play which you may want to use to improve your sex life. One is to get your partner in the mood. A good start would be to set the stage for the evening by calling her up on the phone and whispering sweet nothings to her, even if it is from the next room! A woman reacts to romance and if you arouse her sensuality by suggesting that she wear something "naughty" or "sexy" and you could not wait to see her, she would in all likelihood, start planning her moves and be extremely
"ready" and "waiting"!

Another of the 3 sex games to play is indulging in foreplay. Teasing, fondling, rubbing her shoulders, playfully planting light kisses rather than grabbing her and getting straight to the act is very important to arouse your woman. Always hovering around her intimate parts, not actually touching, but moving your fingers and mouth around them is a great way to have her clamoring for more. The way she squirms around will give you an indication of where she likes to be touched most.

When you have reached this stage, you are now ready to shoot your load off, but you still have the last of the 3 sex games to play. That is, to allow her to reach her orgasmic peaks before you do. You will know when she has reached her orgasm with her violent vaginal contractions. Then you can insert your member into her quivering body and release that trigger so that your lovemaking is mind blowing and both are satiated.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips you can start using TONITE!

Article #3

Title:  Lovemaking Tips That Arouse the Animal in You

For most people, making love comes naturally. They react instinctively to their innermost desires as they seek physical gratification. What is important to note is that it takes two to tango! If only one person is getting his rocks off every time, he will find that his partner slowly loses interest, is cold to his advances and begins to look elsewhere for better sex. In other words, one should not be selfish and think only of his own pleasures. Look for lovemaking tips that will open completely new versions of sexual activity that you can use to improve your bedroom activities.

You can get a whole lot of lovemaking tips if you delve into the realms of Cyberspace. Various websites give you great advice on how to find your woman and keep her. The size of your organ alone is not enough to hold her captivated. It is the way you use it and the way you pleasure her that will make her come back to you for more.

Though women like to be treated equally in our fast-paced society, there is always a side to her that is soft, vulnerable and wanting to be dominated by a man. Get your woman in the right mood, converse with her, whisper sweet nothings to her, right through dinner. If you are not good at conversation, play some soft music or involve her in some game. The internet has many sex games one can play to get into the right mood.

You must caress, gently massage and stroke her sensitive spots as well as her entire body as you kiss her. Do not concentrate on any spot but use tantalizing movements, which will evoke the right response from her. Remember the lovemaking tips you have learnt recently and use your fingers and mouth to suckle, nuzzle and lick those "Hot buttons". Perform a 69 on her if she is responding to your foreplay. The most important thing is to get her to climax before you, as she is capable of multiple orgasms. When you find her reaching her peaks you can try out different positions and enjoy heightened sensations as you thrust deep into her and reach your orgasmic peaks together.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips you can start using TONITE!

Article #4

Title:  Strike the Right Chords and Learn How to Help a Woman Climax

Unlike men, a woman cannot switch on and switch off that easily. She requires time to unwind and feel a stirring of desire. This is because a woman "feels". Men do not understand this and fail to comprehend why woman need time for that roll in the hay. You need to understand that a woman reacts to situations with only half of her physical self. The other half is looking for assurance, attention and a lot of affection.

To get your woman in the right mood, pave the way to an evening of romance by calling her up and telling her how you feel about her and how you are looking forward to proving yourself to her. You should hint at what you are going to do to her that evening and sound seductive on the phone. When you tell her you can visualize her in a particular lingerie etc., she mentally starts planning on what to wear and inadvertently is getting ready for the evening.

Women are turned off when a man grabs them on arrival and have only one thing on their minds. Learn how to play the game and keep your libido in check. It is not difficult to know how to help a woman climax. You are playing right into her hands when you notice that she is ready to strip for you with abandon. Foreplay is important as most women are sensually aroused and this is one of the requisites to learn how to help a woman climax.

Her breasts, vagina and mouth are the most sensitive areas. Kiss her seductively not only on her mouth but caress her face, shoulders, nape of the neck etc. Move your hands, fingers and mouth to those sensitive areas where she guides you. She will be responsive to your need when you learn to finger the right chords and strum. If you are unsure of how to help a woman climax, watch her body language. Performing oral sex on her will definitely get an orgasmic response and soon you can begin to penetrate deep into her and get your just rewards.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips you can start using TONITE!

Article #5

Title:  Learn How to Find the G-Spot and Pleasure Your Partner

Has there been a slump in your sexual activity recently? Are you bogged down with trivia that has let your desires take a back seat? Stress, fatigue and health problems may take the sap out of you but you need to carry on with life and ensuring that you keep your relationship going. Your woman needs to be reassured that you love her as much as before.

You need to learn how to let your woman reach her orgasms before you do. To do this, it is necessary to know how to find the g-spot, stimulate it and get her in the mood. Dr. Grafenberg incidentally discovered the g-spot and hence the name. This spot has also been popularly named "The Holy Grail" as it is the one spot that is covered under a vaginal hood and needs to be stroked and fondled once it is found. This can set off a string of sensations in a woman and have her reaching peaks of orgasmic delight.

If you are wondering how to find the g-spot, you will have to do some exploring. You can go down on her and perform oral sex while you use your two fingers of one hand and insert it into her vagina as you use firm pressure and shake the fleshy area of her "Mons Pubis". This is where you will feel the pubic bone. You need to use both your hands and if necessary your mouth and this pleasurable activity will have her so aroused that you can actually hit the spot that will have her in a state of erotica.

It is a know fact that women fake orgasms for the most part as their men do not wait for them to orgasm but ejaculate within a few minutes. Lovemaking is all about arousing, fondling, stroking and learning how to find the g-spot and allowing your woman to reach her orgasmic peaks before or with you.

Oral sex is exciting and you can reach a 69 position as you have her enthralled in ecstasy with your clever strokes using your tongue and fingers inside her vagina at the same time.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online sex guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips to satisfy your partner all night long!

Article #6

Title:  Unveil Foreplay Secrets That Get Women Begging For More

Once you understand that your partner's reaction results 50% on the way she "feels" and another 50% on her mental frame of mind, you will be able to use that key to enjoy mind-blowing sexual activities. With women taking on equal responsibilities in supplementing the income, they have a hard time juggling between office and home chores. A woman needs time to unwind, let her hair down, and get into the mood.

If you are feeling horny and looking forward to an evening of sinful pleasures with your woman, start with foreplay in the day. You can call her when you are at work and whisper sweet nothings to her. One of the best foreplay secrets I learned was to talk naughty but to be brief. Tease and tantalize. Do not push your ideas or be vulgar. Remember foreplay does not only refer to activities in bed. You can be charming and make her feel every inch a lady by pulling out her chair for her, opening the door of the car, giving her a gentle nuzzle and embrace and then leaving her alone.

If you squeeze and fondle that particular area of "flab" that she is trying to hide, you will find her responding to your advances more fervently. You may not find these foreplay secrets in a book but if you notice her shedding her inhibitions and getting ready to strip for you and give you the time of your life, you will thank me for letting you on to the best foreplay secrets you ever discovered before. Take your cue from here and depending on the time available, get her ready for you by stroking and fondling her in and around her "love spots". Be patient and she will begin to respond by stroking your genitals and smothering you with kisses.

Women love oral sex and are able to reach their climax when a man goes down on her.  You can try the 69 position and have her lick your male organ while she squeezes your testicles and gets you "randy". Make sure you allow her to reach her orgasmic peaks before you "descend" into her and fill her vagina with your deep thrusts. Enjoy the sensation of climaxing together and having the greatest times of your lives.

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online sex guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips to satisfy your partner all night long!

Article #7

Title:  Press the Keys to Mind Blowing Sex and Erupt That Volcano!

Various magazines and pornographic material are available which reveal various sex tips and positions that turn men on. Numerous websites online give suggestions, remedies and practical solutions to encourage exhilarating sexual activities. One can use the advanced search engines and scour the internet to discover keys to mind blowing sex.

Since sexual activity generally involves two people, it is imperative that both are involved in the act for deriving maximum pleasure. A man is turned on easily but sometimes a woman takes longer. Therefore, men should remember to be more attentive and give the women time to reach orgasmic peaks. The keys to mind blowing sex are patience, learning the art of seduction and making the right advances.

If you are planning to have sex on a particular evening, you can start the game of foreplay by calling her up during the day and telling her how you are counting the hours before you can be with her. Whisper seductively on the phone and ask her to wear something sexy so that you could "eat her up". Talking naughty can tantalize a woman and she starts mentally preparing for the evening. This is half the battle won!

When you see her, do not force yourself on her. Instead, learn to be chivalrous, tease and gently touch her, move away. These tantalizing acts guarantee you better rewards than if you were to simply grab her and thrust deep kisses on her. Play the game of seduction and you will find her eager to reciprocate to your suggestions. If you have time for a hot shower or oil massage together, this would help set the stage. Start fondling her gently, stroke around her breasts and vagina and touch the spot occasionally. You will know your advances are working when she guides your hands to her erogenous zones.

You are now at the tip of the volcano! Indulge her by performing oral sex on her and be amazed when she voluntarily goes down on you. Use gentle pressure on her '"magic mound" while you explore her vaginal canal. She begins to squirm, quiver and squeal as she reaches multiple orgasms or orgasms in succession and then you can settle down for some more frenzied activity as you have just pressed the keys to mind blowing sex!

Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online sex guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips to satisfy your partner all night long!

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